Virual Meeting of ISO/TC 145 - IEC/SC 3C/JWG 11
in the Internet from 1st November to 15 December 2001

Draft Agenda
JWG 11 N 71
JWG 11 N 67 and JWG 11 N 68 for the Project ISO 80416-4 (agenda items 4 and 5)
JWG 11 N 69A and JWG 11 N 70 for the Project IEC 80416-3 (agenda item 3)
(result of roll call)
Prof. H. Ikeda (Convener, JP)
Dr. D. Fishman (Secretary, UK)
Mr. F. Brigham (IEC, NL)
Mrs. S. Callihan (ISO, US) - started to participate from 2001-11-06
Mr. J. Creak (ISO, UK)
Mr. R. Gast (ISO, US)
Mr. R. Hodgkinson (ISO, UK) - joined on 2001-11-13
Mrs. S. Hooker (ISO, US)
Mr. M. Mohri (IEC, JP)
Mr. Y. Nakamura (IEC, JP)
Dr. G. Nentwich (IEC, AT) - joined on 2001-11-16
Mr. J. Perry (ISO, UK)
Mr. J. Rymus (IEC, CZ)
Mrs. A. Schwuchow (ISO/IEC, DE) - joined on 2001-11-16
Mr. K. Takada (IEC, JP)
Mr. T. Ueda (ISO, JP) - will joint on 2001-11-05
Mr. T. Viitanen (IEC, FI)
Mr. J. Wall (ISO/IEC, UK)
Dr. G. Webber (ISO, UK)
Method of the meting
Discussion in
Documentation in this page referring Genral Information
Interim results
  1. Roll call was closed on 2001-11-05.
  2. Draft agenda JWG 11 N 71 was approved as it was on 2001-11-05.
  3. JWG 11 N 69A and JWG 11 N 70 are open till Monday 2001-11-19.
    Accepted in principle. The new sentence is now read, "The technology used to reproduce a graphical symbol and apply it to a piece of equipment may have an influence on its size and appearance."
    AT-07/IEC, DE-07/ISO, AT-08/IEC and DE-08/ISO on 4.4 (Observation updated on 2001-12-08)
    National comments Observation of JWG11 in consesus
    AT-07/IEC, DE-07/ISO: Strength should be added to this important paragraph and the wording should be improved as follows: "If International Standards prepared by technical committees contain standardized graphical symbols or suitably modified graphical symbols for specific applications the graphical symbols shall be illustrated ..." The comment was discussed in ISO/IEC JWG11 and accepted. It will read as follows.
    If International Standards prepared by technical committees contain standardized graphical symbols or suitably modified graphical symbols for specific applications, the graphical symbol shall be illustrated together with the registration number and title obtained from either ISO 7000 or IEC 60417.
    AT-08/IEC, DE-08/ISO: Any modification made must be indicated to avoid confusion. Therefore the proposed request shall be added to the paragraph: "In this case modified graphical symbols shall be indicated. How that necessary indication will be included by other TC's is point of discussion within IEC/SC 3C and should be clearly defined." The comment was also dicussed in ISO/IEC JWG11. In the light of horizontal function of ISO/TC145 and IEC/SC3C in respective field, both committees should be responsible. The procedural issue is covered by ISO and IEC respective supplements to ISO/IEC Directives and beyonds the scope of 80416-3.
    Tanking into account the comments, following paragraph will be introduced.
    In cases that modified graphical symbols in accordance with this part of International Standards are adopted, the text "modified" shall be shown under the registration number.
    Accepted. "under preparation" will be at footnote.
    Accepted in principle. It will read "control elements."
    Validity date (maintenance result date)
    Proposal is 2005.
    Any other points
    JWG 11 N70A (2001-12-18)
  4. To discuss the 3WD for ISO 80416-4, JWG11 N67 (PL Mr. Richard Hodgkinson will moderate) - started on Monday 19 November 2001
    Comments and Actions - As of 2001-11-28
    Comments and Actions filled in - As of 2001-12-03
  5. To discuss the supplementary document contributed by project leader for ISO 80416-4
    No discussion tool place.
  6. To agree the date and place of the next JWG 11 meeting
    After the virtual meeting, JWG 11 agreed to accept an offer of Mr. Hodgkinson to host the next meeting in UK on 2002-03-29/30.
  7. Closing
    Converer expressed thanks to all participated and closed the virtual meeting by 15 December 2001.

Convener of this vertual meeting: H. Ikeda