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Main projects and work fora

Maintenance of IEC 60417 part of IEC-ISO joint database

SC 3C JWG 11 with ISO/TC 145

The eight commandments for standardization
Standing documents

SC3C_Forms.zip: Forms and templates to be used for submission of new graphical symbols - CorelDraw 7 and Illustrator 7 templates with corner markings and basic pattern, CSV text file with field names for submitting texts.

Guidance for the wording of the description for a symbol original

Procedures to submit any changes to IEC 60417 shall be in accordance with Annex SL of IEC Supplement to ISO/IEC Procedures.

3C/967A/INF: Quick Reference Manual for the Validation Team for IEC 60417
3C/1848/INF: Statement of Chairman – Common playground boundaries for using graphical symbols for use on equipment in IEC deliverables
IEC 62648:2012+AMD1:2015 CSV: Graphical symbols for use on equipment - Guidelines for the inclusion of graphical symbols in IEC publications